How to connect SEOAnt to Google Search Console


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Google Search Console provides website owners and digital marketers with valuable data and insights on their website’s performance in Google search results. It helps identify technical issues, facilitates website indexing, improves website content, and provides security alerts. 

Navigate to Google Search Console and select the Connect to Google Search Console button.

Select the Google account that is linked to your Shopify store in Google Search Console. If you have not yet connected your store website to Google Search Console, please follow the steps below to do so.


 Connect your Shopify store to Google Search Console

Access your Google Search Console account, log in, and proceed to add a new property.

Input your Shopify store’s domain and then click CONTINUE.


Here’s an example for Cloudflare: Log into your Cloudflare account, and it will automatically add a DNS record.

After a few seconds, the verification will be successful.

Connect SEOAnt to Google Search Console

Next, navigate back to Google Search Console and click on the Connect to Google Search Console button.

Select the Google Search Console account that has verified your Shopify website.

Click Continue

Congratulations, you have successfully connected to Google Search Console.


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