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Do you want to increase the credibility of your Shopify store? Try Trust Me. Easily add trust badges to your web pages to showcase your trustworthiness, converting doubting visitors into loyal buyers with minimum investment.

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Badge type

Use different badges to strengthen your customer confidence

We offer 300+ free badge templates for you to choose from. You will surely find the perfect ones for your store.
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Personalize and preview

Personalize the size, font, alignment, style, header text and animation effects of your badges, ensuring they are aesthetically pleasing, and in alignment with your brand image. Preview instantly for any slight changes in the final appearance. Decide on a style that best reflects your brand.



Mobile usage is becoming the new normal of online shopping. Create badges that fit different desktop and mobile views. This will ensure a pleasant user experience to all, especially your mobile shoppers.
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Control where to show

Feel free to place the badges anywhere, like the header, footer or cart, on any of your web pages such as the product page, collection or homepage to maximize conversions. Bolster your buyers’ trust in every corner of your store.


Get impressive results for your Shopify store with Trust Me

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Higher conversion

A great portion of cart abandonment happens due to security concerns. Trust badges help ease customer worries and establish your brand as a reliable seller. This way, shoppers gain peace of mind to complete the purchase.

Lower bounce rate

Visitors can easily leave your website when they feel skeptical. Place trust badges on the your web pages to demonstrate your payment support, product highlights and more, boosting visitors’ confidence to browser further.

Increased repeat customers

You’d be surprised how customers tend to return and refer when they truly trust your brand. To achieve that, get started by putting yourself out with various badges that best speak of your dependability.

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Trust Me

Trust Me

Enhance credibility with trust badges and payment badges

Start building trust with customers today

Don’t let low customer trust get in the way of your business success. Instantly create reassuring trust badges and showcase your reliability to customers and prospects.

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