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The ultimate Shopify add-to-cart app that helps you shorten customers’ checkout by allowing them to add items to the cart easily & quickly. Get a fully-customized Sticky Cart today!

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Cart type

Employ various Add to Cart designs to increase your store sales

We have three types of carts available to help make your customer checkout manageable and convenient. Check below.
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Customize and preview

Fed up with dull and sluggish shopping cart designs? Define the font, color, placement, styling and animation of your shopping carts anyway you like, engaging customers on a creative level.

Preview any changes in real time and adjust quickly from anywhere.


Countdown timers & stock reminders

Aiming for a holiday super sale? Add customizable countdown timers and stock scarcity messages on your carts, reminding users if a good offer is expiring soon.

Give your customers a sense of “can’t miss” urgency to facilitate a quick purchase.
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User experience

Friendly on all devices

Optimized for both mobile and laptop views, we ensure your cart is properly configured and easy-to-use to customers regardless of any device they use.

Your customers can conveniently browse and seamlessly add favorite items to their carts.

Performance tracking

Analytics & Insights

We provide real-time monitoring of clicks and opening rate of your shopping carts. Additionally, you can integrate your Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest ID and Google Analytics ID to accurately track traffic sources and gauge user behavior.
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Advanced CSS and JavaScript settings

Want to further polish the aesthetics of your shopping carts? Our app allows you to add custom CSS and JavaScript coding to give your cart bar, icon and button an unique look and feel.


Add animations

Give your add-to-cart buttons the extra spark by adding eye-catching visual animation effects such as Shake, Bounce and Swing. Easily draw your prospects’ attention and entice them for a click on the cart button.

Bring more fun and dynamism to the whole shopping experience.
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Maximize your sales potential with our winning Sticky Cart app

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Increase conversion rates

Make the shopping cart visually noticeable as customers browse through your site. This way, they can easily add any item that captures their interest to the cart while shopping and never forget any. You can also add discounts, stock and timing countdowns to convert them quicker.

Speed up checkouts

Customers can select and purchase items directly from product pages, collection pages or other pages. No more hassles in going through multiple pages of product info and entering their credit card number and shipping address again and again.

Brand reliability
Strengthen brand reliability

By enabling customers to add items in the cart quickly, complete checkout efficiently, and review purchased items in an organized manner, businesses deliver a positive shopping experience, which leads to higher customer trust.

Frequently asked questions

Personalize the checkout experience of your customers and make them excited to click.

Don’t let prospects slip through the cracks – make sure they complete their purchase hasslefree with SEOAnt’s Sticky Cart app. No more waiting. Get our Add To Cart app and start boosting conversions today!

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