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Seeking for a smart way to manage broken links and URL redirects on your Shopify store? Let our Broken Link Redirect app help! Remove faulty 404 errors and direct your customers to the right page seamlessly. Keep them engaged!

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Automatically identify broken links

Our bot scans thoroughly the HTML, JavaScript and CSS files of your website to track all the broken links that can be found, including those redirected to internal pages, images, style sheets, or to other different domains. You get to know where to fix in seconds.

Additionally, we stay alert to any new dead links whenever they appear, making sure your website always functions flawlessly.


Redirect with a single click

Redirecting an URL in the source code is too technical for you? With our app, all you need is to set up the source and destination URLs in the provided fields. And we will automatically complete the redirects for you.

Better still, you can even upload an entire URL list for bulk redirecting.


Advanced redirect settings

No more redirecting URLs one by one! Try specifying unique redirect rules (for example, based on the URL structure) and have groups of URLs redirected at once to simplify the workflow.

Always make sure your customers come to the right page and won’t bounce easily.


Dashboard tracking

Get a comprehensive view of all your broken links, including those unresolved, ignored, and resolved. Get to know what links are being clicked frequently by visitors and find opportunities for improvements.

Key features

Effortlessly scan broken links and create SEO-friendly URL redirects

Improve your customer experience and SEO performance by properly managing all your broken links. Make the most of the Broken Link Redirect app’s array of features to ease your workload now.

Whole web scan

Find out all the possible broken links on your store

Sync new 404 links

Monitor your store for new dead links in real time utilizing cloud resources.

Track page views

Track how many visitors have clicked on a certain 404 page.

Suggest target URLs

Automatically indicate where to redirect for optimal user experience.

Manual 301 redirect

Input the 404 link and target URL to create a redirect.

Bulk redirect & ignore

Redirect multiple pages to the same URL, or bulk ignore them if unnecessary.

Edit and replace redirects

Make revisions to your current redirects manually or automatically

Export and import in bulk

Export the selected URLs in a CSV sheet for easy editing. Import a CSV/XLS list of URLs for bulk redirects.

Regular email updates

Receive daily/weekly/monthly notifications on the broken links found on your site.

Search and filter

Enter a keyword term and quickly get a bunch of URLs for further analysis.

Auto-redirect to homepage

Create a directive to redirect selected URLs to the homepage at once.

Custom redirect patterns

Redirect groups of URLs to another group of URLs.

What benefits can you get with Broken Link 404/301 Redirect?

Enhanced user satisfaction

Deliver a positive browsing experience by redirecting customers where they want to be. Stop frustrating them away with a 404 error and ruining your brand reputation.

Lower bounce rate

Visitor wouldn’t want to explore your site further when seeing a 404 error. A proper redirect can make them stay longer, and you’ll get more chances to convert them.

Improved SEO performance

Search engine crawlers can easily follow the redirect links on your website to crawl and index new pages faster, enhancing your search visibility.

Frequently asked questions

Get your Shopify store running like clockwork with SEOAnt’s Broken Link 404/301 Redirect app.

Never worry about 404 errors again as our easy, automatic redirects keep your traffic flowing smoothly. Start your free trial today and take the first step towards optimizing your Shopify store’s performance.

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