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Say goodbye to endless hours wasted in manually optimizing your Shopify store. Hello to an all-in-one SEO optimizer solution to grow your search traffic. Level up your SEO game like never before!

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Steady growth

Up your visibility for traffic

Looking to optimize your website for search? Our all-inclusive SEO solution can help! From indexability, technical SEO, to on-page issues and more, we take care of your entire organic growth journey in accordance with best SEO practices and latest Google trends. Gain an edge in the fierce traffic war and reach more buyers with us!

Full automation

Auto-pilot all your pages

Automatically scan your store for any potential issues hindering your SEO success, such as low-quality content, tag errors, broken links, etc. Additionally, we provide a detailed report of insights and suggestions to help you troubleshoot. Take the guesswork out of your SEO efforts, and optimize your website effectively!

Fast & smooth

Page speedup

Surely you don’t want visitors to come and leave in seconds! Our app regularly checks your site loading speed, and provides professional services to help it load faster. This way, you can retain customers longer and have them explore more of your store! No more lost deals!

Key features

What can you do with SEO & Image Optimizer by SEOAnt?

Ready to be seen? Take advantage of the extensive set of features SEO & Image Optimizer has on offer, and let prospects find you instantly.

Mass-compress images

Reduce image file sizes automatically in bulk, without compromising the quality, helping your website load faster.

Bulk-edit meta tags

Generate or edit your meta titles and descriptions in a batch for enhanced efficiency. Help search engines understand your page for correct indexing while improving the click-through rate.

Batch-edit image Alt texts

Save time and cost by bulk-adding Alt texts for your images. Ensure your images are easily discoverable by search engines and customers.

Redirect broken links

Daily detect and fix broken links on your store. Make it easier for spiders to navigate through your site and create a smooth user experience.

Generate structured data (JSON-LD)

Add structured data to any web page in seconds, helping Google accurately match your page with the right search queries. Stand out visually in the SERPs for more clicks.

On-page SEO check

Analyze your store comprehensively to ensure all SEO elements are functioning well. Identify room for improvement, helping you avoid basic SEO errors.

Enable AMP

Customize lightening-fast AMP pages with one click. Maximize your customers’ browsing experience on mobile devices.

Exchange backlinks

Build as many backlinks of high relevance as you want with ease. Strengthen your backlink profile and enhance your domain authority while avoiding Google penalties.

Keyword suggestion

Suggest the right keywords and relevant long-tail variations for you to target. Develop high-quality content tailored to your target clients.

Robots.txt noindex

Add noindex directives to your robots.txt file and prevent unwanted pages from appearing in the SERPs. Ensure that your SEO efforts are focused on the most important pages.

Robots.txt nofollow

Conveniently manage nofollow attributes on all your links, telling search engines not to follow certain links. Avoid ruining your store’s reputation.

Competitor keyword analysis

Dig into the keyword vocabulary used by your competitors, making it easier for you to identify the content gap between you and them while optimizing content for expanded reach.


Did you know?

SEO marketing is the ideal way to get your store ready for bigger success on a low budget. While you focus on what you do best, let us handle the tedious SEO trivialities for you. Sit back and wait patiently while getting the most of your SEO investments.

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