12 Tips for How You Can Use Google Trends for Better SEO

How do you know someone’s favorite besides asking them about it? In eCommerce, you’ll know which product or service is trending through the popular Google Trends. One key thing to have when joining the big world of SEO is the ability to work with words and visuals. Because you chose to do business virtually, you’ll need to learn the ins and outs of this type of work.

What Is Google Trends?

If you are looking for a way to check the ‘trending’ or the most searched keywords on the web, Google Trend is what you need. It’s one of Google’s features that allows you to see how many times a term or word is being entered into the search engine. The website’s total search volume is used to measure how frequently some specific words have been searched. For example, as summer approaches, searches for the keyword “swimsuit” will gradually increase.

swimsuit-google trends

With that, Google Trends is often used for keyword search, effectively helping to discover the cause for the increase in keyword search volumes that are due to certain events. This feature also provides other data related to keywords such as geographical information and the volume index of search engine users.

How to Use Google Trends for SEO

  • Keyword Researchkeyword research-image

– This could be the most obvious purpose of using Google Trends; providing us with a list of keywords that are commonly entered and searched online by users. In this type of research, the main goal is to get all the words that interest audiences, the number of internal clicks made, and the length of time users lingered on a page with such keywords. With the help of Google Trends, keyword research ultimately becomes so much easier and faster.

  • Finding Related Keywords

– Similar to how useful Google Trends was with keyword research, finding other related or common keywords is also possible through this feature. It allows users to browse a long list of keywords where there can be some that are connected to your businesses. These keywords will be handy when you decide to write blogs and content for your site.

  • Discover Related Topicstracking-google trends

The keywords you get from Google Trends come from a variety of topics. To discover topics related to your business or somehow similar to it, you’ll need a list of the terms commonly entered on search engines such as Google. By finding connected topics, you’ll be able to make your content more meaningful and make it on top of the search engine results.

  • Start Big & Whittle Down

When making your blogs or content for your business, you may begin with random topics that lead to your store, your products, and your services. Using Google Trends, later on, will enable you to trim down those contents and use the keywords on the list for better optimization and audience views in the future.

  • Context, Context, Context

When you know that the word “cannabis” has been searched more than a hundred times in a specific city, you’ll know that it’s a keyword you can use to create attractive content for your site. Such is the case of a medical marijuana store in some states where the use of weeds is legal. Putting the keywords you get from Google Trends into the context of your business is especially necessary to make customers relate well to what your product or service is for.

  • Get More Advanced With Specific Search Options

– Be ahead of your competitors by using specific keywords and phrases in your content and blogs. Google Trends shall assist you in choosing the best lineup of words and search options for your business and for your audience to see immediately in the search engine after they enter such keywords. Celtics is on Google Trends 2022 which can work to your advantage if you are into the cable connection business. Write something interesting about Celtics and see how many people will take the time to read your blog and eventually, sign up for your cable connection services.

  • Target By Location

– Aside from the most searched keywords, the location of users who browsed a search engine’s results can be identified as well. Google Trends allows you to check which region has the most number of clicks or views of a particular keyword. When a query was searched on Google, you may also tell the location from where it came from. This is helpful when checking a potential customer’s proximity to your business and for delivery purposes.

  • Trend PredictionsData trend table-image

There’s a reason why this feature is called Google Trends and that is because it tells you which products and services are in-demand today. How? That is through the topics connected to the keywords that appear on the list of Google Trends. You can tell which styles of clothes, cellphone models, and others will become a hit in the future based on the topics or ideas that users research about.

  • Use Long-Tail Key Phrases To Inspire Content

– Google Trends 2022 gives you a clear idea of the most wanted topics by users. Long-tail key phrases make a good start for good content that many users would be interested to read. This year, one of the trending key phrases searched on Google is “Jif peanut butter recall” in connection to the recent outbreak in the US. How and why the outbreak happens then inspires you to write content for your food product business.

  • Use Data For Video Optimization

– The catchiest video on any search engine would be those that contain keywords frequently researched by users. Google Trends will guide you on the content of your video and in optimizing the terms to include in the dialogues or the advertisements found in your video.

  • Use Cyclical Trends For Brand Positioningchristmas tree-google trends

Cyclical trends pertain to the business cycle wherein the profit in a particular product and service becomes high and then goes low at a certain point. One good example of this is the seasonal businesses which are only popular on occasions such as Christmas, New Year, and Valentine’s Day. Using Google Trends, you can identify which of the products on Valentine’s Day get the attention of buyers the most based on the keywords they input in the search bar.

  • Identify Blind Spots & Don’t Misread The Trends

Google Trends lets you identify the areas where your business will not be a good fit or in which areas you still need to improve. The trends don’t always help you find the best choice for your product or service. Keep in mind to just pick the information that truly relates to your business and avoid those that will not help grow your business. Not because everyone is following that trend means it will also be good for your business.

Final Words

Starting a business is always about knowing what people will buy and what they are interested in. With Google Trends around, doing so is now easier, faster, and more practical. Whichever of those twelve you plan to use Google Trend 2022, remember that keywords can only be as powerful as how you use them in your content. Choose the best words and phrases for your business content.

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