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Frustrated with slow loading images on your store? Time to utilize SEOAnt’s Image Compression app to take your eCommerce business to new heights! Effortlessly compress your images in bulk for faster loading. Meanwhile, increase your images’ accessibility to search engines via Alt text optimization.

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No Quality loss

Lightweight & Max-resolution

Adopting cutting-edge image compression techniques, we ensure your image quality is preserved 100% while up to 90% of the total file size is reduced. Get the perfect balance between high-quality visuals and small file sizes.


Automate your image compression workflow

Struggling to manage the ever-increasing image file sizes in your store? We help you automatically compress them in a few clicks – such as the product, collection, asset or featured images. All you need is to enable the auto mode once, and forget it all!

Easy to use

Manually upload and compress

Shopify doesn’t grant apps access to automatic compression on certain images like homepage slides, blog pictures, etc. You’ll have to optimize them manually. But that’s also a catwalk with us. Quickly upload such images and leave the rest to us. Simple as that!

Image SEO

Bulk-add image Alt text & filenames

When your page fails to rank, your images may not. We help you optimize the file names and alt texts of your images in a batch. This way, search engines can crawl and index your images correctly, improving your SEO performance while driving in image traffic.


How SEOAnt Image Compression app works

Find out how you can control your image compression processes with SEOAnt’s quality settings. Optimize the size and quality of each image on your website based on its use and purpose for best results.

Lossless compression

Decrease the image size and storage capacity moderately, with zero quality loss. Common formats are PNG or GIF.

Custom lossy compression

Slash the image size drastically by removing almost all unnecessary data, but won’t affect image quality much. Set up a compression rate you prefer from 50% to 95%.

Key features

Efficiently compress, optimize and manage all images on your Shopify store

More than an image compression app, we also offer an array of amazing features that can fulfill various image-related needs of your Shopify business. Check below.

Bulk compress

Save your time by compressing hundreds or even thousands of images at once. All you need is one click.

Convert PNG to JPG

Reduce your image size further by up to 80% without loss of quality, since JPG is more compressed than PNG.

Append watermark

Create high-quality watermarks for your images at zero cost. Protect your image copyright and prevent unauthorized use.

Sync new additions

Detect newly added images in your store and automatically compress and optimize them for your ease.

Backup and restore

Backup all your original images for 30 days in case you need them later, allowing you to restore any optimized image to its original status.


Load your images ahead of time so that they stay instantly accessible to your visitors, boosting your customer engagement and store performance.

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Ready to get started with the most convenient image compression app?

Images can make or break your Shopify business. To unleash their full potential, leverage our advanced image compression app to reduce your image file size, improve page speed and increase conversions.

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