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Why Online store speed is important?

40% of users will abandon a webpage if it takes more than 3 seconds to load A 1-second decrease in load speed can increase conversions by 1% – 7%.

PageSpeed Insights Data shows:
page load time decreases from 3 second to 1 seconds, bounce rate decreases 32%
page load time decreases from 6 second to 1 seconds, bounce rate decreases by 106%!
This screenshot shows the highly improved website after optimization:
What will be done:
Minify HTML, CSS & JS Files
Concede and async Javascript & CSS delivery
Optimization of images & lazy loading setup
Eliminate resources render-blocking
Dynamic scaling of images
Reduce HTTP requests
Remove unused javascript
App analysis & old app code elimination
Compare Packages
Version Standard Premium(Recommend) Customized
Speed Optimization
Google PageSpeed Insight Desktop 60-70 Mobile 40-50 Desktop 80-90 Mobile 60-80 Desktop 90-100 Mobile 80+
Delivery Time 3 Days Delivery 3-6 Days Delivery 3-6 Days Delivery
Free Revisions Within One Month 1 3 Unlimited


What’s the optimization step?
Click the “Contact Us” to contact us
The customer service staff sends you an authorization request to modify the theme
After authorization, a technician enters your website, backs up your live theme and optimizes it on your theme
If you need to optimize other themes, please tell customer service, otherwise we will optimize the live theme
Do you need full access to store?
No, we just need access to apps, products, settings, and themes.
What’s the difference between the premium version and the customized version?
The customized version is our highest version, it usually takes the most time, and not every website can achieve 80+ on the mobile side, if you pursue higher speed, we will try our best to help you optimize the website.
Will my shopify get damaged?
Definitely NOT. we will be taking full backups before we start working on your website and we do extensive testing after performing the optimizations to make sure everything is working properly.
Does the Shopify optimizations will last or will be gone after some days?
The optimizations implemented by me to make your shopify store faster are permanent unless you change the theme or install a bunch of new apps.
Will store speed remain same if i add more products and other stuff?
Depending upon the images and videos size there will be minor effects but it will not effect overall store speed.
After changing the theme, can you still help me optimize?
Sorry, the optimization is based on the theme, so after changing the new theme, you need to re-order.
Why do I get a lower score on the App than it on Pagespeed?
We will take a score test from the pagespeed interface to get the data from your website. This is url pagespeed.web.dev ,And since the data is being sent from the pagespeed website to our APP, the score on our App may not be as good as the pagespeed score.
What is your delivery standard?
We take the data of pagespeed official website as the standard, and we’ll test it under Google’s incognito mode, where the data is the most accurate.
Will you remove my apps?
Will let you know if the app is creating the problem and you can decide whether to delete it or not
Why didn’t my Shopify admin score improve?
Your score is based on a weighted average of the Lighthouse performance scores for your store’s home page, your product page with the most traffic over the last 7 days, and your collection page with the most traffic over the last 7 days.
Weights are based on multiple factors, including the relative traffic to each of these page types across all Shopify stores.
Please note that if your website has no traffic, your Shopify admin score may not improve!
Please refer to this Shopify official documentation
Will optimization affect any functionality or design of the Shopify store?
Our optimizations will not affect any look or functionality of your Shopify store.
Will it also improve GTmatrix page speed score as well?
Yes it will be improve your overall GTmatrix score and grade.
Are all pages guaranteed to achieve the promised score?
Our optimization is for the entire website, but inevitably each page will open at different speeds. Shopify’s definition of a site’s score comes from three pages: the home page, the most popular collection page, and the most popular product page. Therefore, our service and after-sales are mainly responsible for these three pages.

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