These bugs are hidden in your website and you don't find them, like a big mouse in your barn

How to check your website for bugs?

  • Open Google Chrome and press F12 (Chrome on Windows System)
  • Open Google Chrome and pre Fn+F12 (Chrome on Mac System)
  • Press Command+Position+i  (Safari on Mac System)

This screenshot shows the bug inside your website:

Why does my website have these bugs?

Usually these bugs caused by some App generating its javascript file in your theme,in addition to this, the theme itself may also have bugs.

Are these bugs affecting my website a lot?

Each bug may have different effects, some may make your website data untraceable, some may cause functions to be unavailable, some may affect website loading, etc. 

Wouldn't a no-bug shopify store be better?

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Version Standard Premium Customized
Number of bugs fixed 1-2 3-4 less than 10
Revisions 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Delivery Time 2-3 Days Delivery 2-3 Days Delivery 3-5 Days Delivery


  • What’s the optimization step?
  • Open the console to make sure there are several bugs,and then palce the order
  • The customer service staff sends you an authorization request to modify the theme
  • After authorization, a technician enters your website, backs up your live theme and optimizes it on your theme
  • After the bug is fixed, the customer service staff will notify you
  • Do you need full access to store?

No, we just need access to apps, reports and themes.

  • Will my shopify get damaged?

Definitely NOT. we will be taking full backups before we start working on your website and we do extensive testing after performing the optimizations to make sure everything is working properly.

  • Can you fix all the bugs shown in the console?

There is no guarantee of 100% fixes, 90% of bugs can be fixed, the extra 10% is because there are some bugs that don't affect the site and cannot be fixed.

  • Why didn't I fix these bugs before my site was working fine?

These bugs may go unnoticed normally, but when using a feature, it won't work, so we recommend fixing all bugs to benefit your website.

  • If I have multiple products and each product has the same bug, how do I count the number of bugs?

Due to the special structure of shopify, if the technician finds that it is caused by the same bug after testing, we will only count it as one bug.

  • About refund

If we can not fix the bug of your website, you can apply for a refund, contact customer service, and we will refund within 24 hours after approval.

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